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PLANET - EARTH . Do we deserve it? Some strive earnestly to sustain our world, while many take little responsibility for urgent measures to do this. What can we do individually to improve wisdom and ways to save Planet Earth? Here are some considerations.

I welcome as a contributor to my Website, my partner and best friend Colin. Colin's insights derive from a career of varied service and activities. After training as a carpenter, he worked as a Land Surveyor, taught Electronics, and worked extensively with weather radars. As a Radar Specialist, Colin worked on Radar outposts in North, South, East and Western States of this large Continent, and in Asia. There is a small remote island far from the mainland in the Pacific Ocean called Willis Island, Colin worked there with the Weather Team for six months, and later followed this with 12 months service at Australia's Davis Base in Antarctica, working with the Weather Team.

Vitally interested in the health of Planet Earth, Colin's topics for discussion will focus on issues affecting us all, starting with the state of the Ozone Layer. I am grateful for the sharing of his knowledge, experience, special skills and service.


Hello Friends and thank you for the welcome, Ruth. I do enjoy keeping informed about our Planet's sustainability and prospects for healthy life on Earth, and discussing and sharing information about research as it happens. Having spent a year in Antarctica, the Ozone Hole located in that region interests me, so my first post is about some great, good news.

I've been asked whether if I believed in green house gases and the problem they caused for the ozone layer. A common misconception exists that these two atmospheric problems are related. They are not, so I think it is worthwhile to explain their separation. Greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide and methane trap heat in the atmosphere just like a greenhouse does, while the depletion of the ozone layer is mostly caused by chlorofluorocarbons.

Approximately 15 - 30 km above the earth there is a layer of ozone which protects us from the detrimental effects of ultraviolet light from the sun. Until the 1970’s it was being depleted by the presence of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) (refrigerant and air conditioner gases) resulting in a hole in the sky over the Antarctic. Scientists realized that this could cause higher risks of skin cancer, disrupt plant growth and destabilize the aquatic food chain drastically.

In 1987 the Montreal Protocol brought policy makers together and CFC’s were phased out by agreement. Although industry objected, chemical companies produced safe substitutes for CFCs, and producers were proactive in phasing out production, and international controls were supported.

The good news is that the hole in the ozone layer is well on its way to being repaired. Thirty years after the Montreal Protocol was signed, the ozone layer is starting to heal. The panel of 300 scientists report every four years to the United Nations. Montreal Protocol Citation


*** In October 2015, we were advised that the Ozone Layer hole had grown larger. Although restrictions have continued to reduce the hole in a continuing pattern, a severely cold winter season has affected conditions and there has been a set back to the healing process. Measurement and reporting continues to keep us informed, so follow these reports at Montreal Protocol Citation

While the size of the hole is variable due to atmospheric temperature changes, its size has reduced from about 30 million in 2006 to 20 million square kilometers in 2014.
For the ozone layer repair, less harmful refrigerant gases are now in use, and strict rules now exist for capturing gases from old and broken systems. Also, CFCs in spray cans have now been banned.

The following video takes about 4min.31 seconds to view. It is one of a series from different countries showing on YouTube. Great progress has resulted from responsible measures taken and this video from India can click you to further videos which demonstrate successful programs used to deplete the Ozone hole. Restrictions and methods have been successful, but are there still some countries needing to co-operate?

The companies making the refrigerant gases make just as much or even more money from the new products. The people following the new rules capturing the gases are also making more money from the extra work so there was no point for any of these companies to form lobby groups. The result - A good global outcome for the environment and not an ozone “sceptic” to be found, and who do you think pays for the increase ? The consumer of course.

Further information including prediction may be seen at - Article “Earth’s ozone layer is recovering” by Gail Sullivan.

Not all news is good though - the BAD NEWS regarding the illegal use of carbon tetrachloride is also mentioned in the report. There are still challenges ahead/

Paul Newman, who co-chairs the U.N. Panel, told the AP higher levels of carbon dioxide and other gases help cool the upper stratosphere, which increases the amount of ozone.

Achim Steiner, U.N.Environment Program Executive Director says "The challenges that we face are still huge, the success of the Montreal Protocol should encourage further action not only on the protection and recovery of the ozone layer, but also on climate."

Now, why is it so different for greenhouse gases? I wonder?

This is being managed with global co-operation, and I find it really interesting that vastly different approaches and attitudes are taken when addressing the two problems. Financially, the only losers from these remedies are the end consumers.

You may like to read more of the citation at Montreal Protocol


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Further Points for discussion :

Is Alfred Einstein right with this prediction?

  • Responsibilities: Population growth
  • Overpopulation- When do we reach the point of no return? Responsible parenthood consideration
  • Food and Clean Water Supply
  • Weather changes - Rising Sea Levels - Research
  • Insulation choices
  • Solar Panels- Renewable Energy
  • Permaculture -no dig gardens
  • Water Conservation-in time of drought, water restrictions
  • Detoxing the home, chemical disposal, paint,
  • fluoroescent lamps
  • Recycle- paper plastics tyres wood batteries polystyrene
  • Energy efficiency-heating cooling insulation lighting windows appliances
  • Disposal Whitegoods Waste - Nuclear, Medical & Toxic
  • E-waste-old computers mobiles TVs
  • Disposal Industrial Waste
  • Sustainable schools and communities
  • Clean Air -Energy smart buildings
  • Wind Generators
  • Coal Steam Gas (CSG)
  • Hybrid Cars Better for the environment
  • Fuel Efficiency Diesel better, cost efficient
  • Pollution- Causes - Ecology protection Insecticides
  • Biodiversity Protection Entomology, Animal,Bird, Aquatic Wild Life Forests preservation
  • Fire Safety and Prevention

What can we do?

After four years of drought Bushfires are burning again in California. Australians share your anxiety as we know this problem well. Here is a Link to US Fire Season Safety advice, and today's video of the Californian bushfire situation.

Fire Season Safety

2009 map of devastated fire areas in Victoria and New South Wales, Downunder in Australia.

How many lives have been lost in bushfires with wildlife, agriculture and livestock perishing with them? Homes and Forests devastated also, yet this will happen again. Australia is preparing for extreme heat and winds this Summer. Awareness and intelligence must remain high to avoid these tragedies.

Experiencing more gale force winds, high temperatures, water restrictions, drought conditions? Many areas are, and here in Melbourne we know long periods when our Dam levels arelow. We are encouraged to insulate well, install home water tanks, and know your fire evacuation plans.

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