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Introducing Dr Rob's insights to my website. Rob is my Dad, retired from his Academic Role at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) Rob's motto is 'Mobility means independence'. Quite savagely he misses playing tennis, so now devotes time to encourage Senior friends with social activity and brain fitness too. For some time Dad worked with a wonderful paraplegic friend who designed developed and marketed improvements to motor scooters. Education, Science, Research, Problem solving, Technology, Internet, Health, and extended life expectancy are his interests. A very practical man who built our home with a friend and my Grandad. He also repaired his motor bike, then cars, and still fixes things. Sport Activities -Lacrosse, Squash and Tennis balanced his life of Study and Research. Welcome and thank you to Rob - Ruth and look forward to your encouragement for all our Mobility Ideas readers.

Greetings to Mobility Device Users out there and your families as well. Thank you Ruth for inviting me to contribute to your Website. I hope my news will be useful, as I watch for new research, helpful ideas and products to review here. Where customer reviews and ratings are available there is valuable feedback.

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CAUTION - Please note. We have received advice that all health products and equipment should conform to Health and Safety prescriptions. Many favourites currently testing are showing that this is not the case. Always discuss with your Doctor that the products or exercise regimes and equipment that you propose to use are suitable for you. I am sad to report that evidence is mounting about false advertising with health categories and there have been some distressing outcomes from neglect. Always know your product and your own health condition before using off the shelf products. We must all take responsibility for our own actions in this regard.

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Mobility Ideas


Following some recent reports from friends, for your safety please ensure that batteries have been connected well and are charged. If they fail while crossing a road the scooter cannot be moved until a lever is released. Then the unit can be pushed manually

Narrow Electric Wheel Chair

When I first saw this Mobility Scooter Video (58 seconds) I thought what a good idea! Hmm! Who would most likely buy this, I thought. While it is a good idea for accessibility to many more places as it can go into narrower passages, although manoeuvrable, I realised there may be further consideration needed.

This video gives a good demonstration of a 3-wheeled Motor Scooter's ability to travel over a variety of surfaces and different slopes, a decided advantage. However, the scooter is being used by a strong, young, agile person with full control over the unit and it is easy to see that he has good motor skills and balance. How would a disabled or older person manage a unit which seems to require better balance and control? This scooter has some definite advantages but a good tryout is advisable before purchasing it. Be very sure that it is the model for you. I have added a story below which answers my question in part, but a good tryout is still a recommendation.

Recently I lunched with a friend who travels everywhere with his 3-wheeled mobility scooter. He loves it!. He is not strong at all, but frequently enjoys arranging meetings with friends and family for meals or snacks. 600 kilometres he travelled by coach for a niece's special birthday party. Travel by train into the city is an art form now. Then he returns to his lovely apartment. His 3-wheeled scooter is light weight,this can be folded for use in some of our public transport buses, or into vehicles of friends. Jack is almost 90 now and an inspiration.

Do you have Leg problems? Then a 3-wheeler has advantages. If sitting with legs bent for long periods is a problem ( as in some car backseats) you will need a 3 wheeler. If you are tall, or have leg problems, a 3-wheeler is good as you can stretch out. Back problems require good suspension. If only one hand is usable, ride controls can be modified to suit your problem. Oxygen bottles can be fitted. Scooters can usually be set up to suit your needs.

By contrast, here a Senior Citizen demonstrates well in an instructional video (4 min.02) How to control a Mobility Scooter. Techniques for its operation in hilly terrain, its many functions and use of its controls. If you already know how to safely operate a scooter, do you agree with one critical comment which said "its fast stopping distance was too far?" Comparisons to other models are wise when you are assessing various scooters. Balance, manouevrability, ease of steering and braking, storage and transport are all important.

WET WEATHER WARNING Recent rainy weather has prompted urgent police cautions to users of all mobility electric scooters whether 3- or 4-wheeled units. Wet weather makes paths and roads hazardous, and scooter-users have been injured, even fatalities have occured when unnecessary risks, such as exceeding speed limits have been taken. Slower speed is essential. Downunder speed limits are currently 10km/h (about 8mph) for Motor Scooter use in best weather conditions. In the wet, braking is less efficient, stability is lower and vision may be impaired. To ride after drinking is not wise.


Our police and safety organisations recommend that if it is at all possible scooters should not be used in wet weather. I realise that is not always possible and there are always those times when rain just arrives, so remember the Boys Scouts motto and always “Be Prepared”.

Many years ago I rode a motorbike in all weather. I had a waterproof knee cape that covered my ankles, legs and lap. My upper body was covered by a ¾ length waterproof (leather) coat. On my head was a balaclava, leather cap and goggles. Today it is possible to get overall shelter with a nylon poncho for short distance protection. This covers you in one hooded, lightweight, easily folded and stored cape. Some are for one use only and disposable but I don’t recommend those considering our fragile environment. Motor Cyclists are required to wear crash helmets, and our postmen and service operators must wear their regulation safety jackets. For visibility and safety vivid and light coloured garments would be preferable. In dark winter days reflector spots, reflector strips and flashing lights are a good idea, and I'm sure you won't want to be out there in fog and snow. Ideas for reflectors can be viewed at this link

Reflective Apparel

Rain poncho cape for pride electric mobility scooter, waterproof hooded rain poncho for wheelchair users (khaki), winter/wheelchair poncho, charles river apparel pacific poncho, adaptive clothes, women and men, Reflector Balaclava, Bicycle spoke reflectors.

When faced with the challenge of immobility, whether permanent or for a short period, questions will arise such as:

  • What type of mobility aid should I choose?
  • Will a Motor Scooter or Electric bicycle suit my lifestyle?
  • Will three wheels or four suit my ability best?

Much will depend on the person’s previous experience. Were you a bicycle rider? Did you drive a motor cycle? Did you drive a car?


Some considerations

Stability, Manouevrability inside and outside, Ease of Steering and Comfort, Storage space at home, Car transport space.

STABILITY Many worry about scooters tipping over. It is wise to approach ramps in forward positions rather than across a slope, this is obvious as with a sideways tilt there is more chance of overbalancing sideways. Most 3 wheel owners never tip them over, just as car drivers know where they can go safely, whether 3 or 4 wheel owners.

MANOUEVRABILITY Three wheelers are easier to manouevre than 4-wheelers due to their smaller turning circle. Generally speakingt, 4 wheelers are less suited for indoor use – home, shops etc. except for the very smallest models.

STEERING Three wheelers have only one front wheel to turn, so are a little easier to steer.

COMFORT Test how much leg-room you will need: Seated on a 3-wheeler resembles sitting in the front seat of a car. Seated on a 4-wheeler is more like sitting in the back seat. Many back seats in cars will feel more cramped for leg room, and if you often feel this then a 3 wheel scooter may be the better choice. This needs careful thought




YOUR WEIGHT and HEIGHT? Your own size should be considered. Do you need more room and larger motors, especially for hill climbing? Many tall people prefer 3 wheelers for more leg room. For Warranty purposes, there is a specified MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY WHICH MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED. There is a range of scooters rated up to 200kg - 31 stone!

WHAT DISTANCES WILL YOU TRAVEL.? Longer distances require larger batteries. These are available in larger models only. You will need the longer charging battery.

HILLY AREAS If you live in a steep, hilly area a larger motor is needed as power depends on MOTOR size - not battery size. Small scooters have small motors.

BUMPY ROADS Rough, bumpy roads require good suspension and pneumatic (bump-up) tyres. Solid tyres are puncture proof but are uncomfortable on rough surfaces.

SPEED Smaller scooters are slower than large ones.

CAR FRIENDLY SCOOTERS Small and Medium sized scooters are easily dismantled for car boot transport, and will fit into station wagons and some hatchbacks without dismantling , except for seat removal. Ramps can be carried for loading into station wagons or hatchbacks. All scooters will fit into vans without removing the seat, provided the van seats are not in the way.Scooters and Mobility offer a scooter lifter for lifting smaller scooters into a boot, station wagon or van.

STORAGE Inside house or garage storage away from the weather is recommended. Guard against theft, as it can occur. If carport or other sheltered area is used an all weather scooter cover is advisable.

COST AND SECURITY Scooters across a wide range of prices can be searched. Leading brands and quality products can offer peace of mind and long term security.


Link to these products from any of the product views. Every product links to sources for direct shopping at online prices only. Customer reviews and full information are shown.

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“I have two walkers, a narrow indoor model without wheels and another with four wheels, brakes and basket for outdoor use. Safety and ease of use are of importance to me.

In the case of the unit used outside, the brakes are very good and progressive while its locking brakes are easily applied and hold well. I use this walker as a seat quite often so safety is important. The seat is very comfortable and the carry basket is useful, adding little weight.

Portability and transport benefit from its light weight but strength of the unit is vital. Units should meet national standards.

Service: These simple units require little service, but constant checking of knobs involved with joints that can be separated is required. Check always for tightness at least once-a-week even if the unit has not been dismantled.

Checklist: Regularly list all features important for your use and safety with extra features of your choice. I keep this always handy. It helps.”..........Ralph

My straight-forward walker is mainly for outdoor use, Four wheels, brakes, seat and carry cage. It is not too heavy and collapses easily so that it can be taken in the car. The brakes operate easily and lock efficiently with good release. It is of great assistance, enabling me to go shopping in the local supermarket complex with confidence. The basket is great and the seat is comfortable, it gives me a lot of independence and my doctor supports my use of it. I have had two knee replacements so my balance and mobility both benefit from my walking and my Doctor encourages this exercise.

The unit has one small drawback; the brake cables can sometimes get out of position and protrude so they can catch on objects. This minor problem is most likely to occur after the walker has been collapsed for transport. So make sure that they are in the correct place......Audrey


Whether shopping, walking around at home or work, or seated for many hours, if you need bodily support from aids or electronic products there are many for you to study and order on line where special discounts occur in your locality. There are hundreds more to reach by linking through these products to sources of supply. Researchers and Designers are always working to provide healthy answers for individual needs. This applies to Computer styles, ergonomic keyboards and many other products which we are currently researching.


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