Blog-My journal


>My work and interests, hobbies and lifestyle, constants and changes, as busy weeks fly by. "The World has changed" we hear so often, and so must I. My blog shares my story with you.

I "Always look on the bright side of Life- de-dum-de dum-de dum" as best I can. I love songs to hum or sing, or whistle - but I'm not very special at that skill. Encouragement for my patients to look for some contentment, or an enjoyable lift of the spirits every day, is a priority for me.

My next priority is sustainability for all life on Planet Earth. This means Knowledge, Responsibility, Understanding and Care which need continual review and development. I aim for these skills to increase. Research is vital for me

I love my life in Melbourne, Australia, Downunder. Old Melbourne is such a graceful city which for the sixth year (August 2016) has been voted the world's most liveable city a proud reputation to hold. We are known as a fun loving city as well.

Respect for others, quality systems of government, personal values and behaviours are protections for our civilizations and societies which I cherish.

My home in the nearby hills is very special too. We experience more severe weather conditions now - hot, cold, dry, wet, or windy, and health is affected by severe stress when disasters strike. I read of similar or worse climatic conditions throughout the world. By keeping calm and thoughtful about this, personal good health, care and fitness can raise self confidence and peace of mind during testing times.Then we may help those more in need./em>

I believe that respect for quality of life, democratic systems of government, personal and family values, and intelligent behaviour protects society, and civilization.

My Deep Tissue Modality particularly, aims for fitness, mobility, and wellness.I hope my website may help you find a next step in your recovery or health routine.(/strong)