Melbourne Pride

I welcome you warmly to very far DOWNUNDER and news of my City Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have been voted for the fifth year The world's most liveable city

My Melbourne Ancestry since 1839- just three years after the first white settlers arrived here-began my interest in genealogy. My maternal gggrandmother Jane was born here when Melbourne city was five years old. The story of first immigrants from far countries is exciting and knowledge banks are exploding as internet communication brings records rapidly to our Family Trees. Australian citizens know that we are fortunate to live here and I hope to share my pride with you through my Melbourne Pride posts.

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Melbourne City History

This link is Melbourne City's own short history if you wish to learn more of life in Melbourne todayl

The whaling, wool, cattle and maritime industries were all crucial to Melbourne's early development. To acknowledge the significance of these industries, City of Melbourne staff designed a set of brass pavement inlays that provide a modern interpretation of the symbols on the city's crest: the whale, cow, sheep and tugboat. The design is simple and bold, enabling each emblem to be easily read by passers-by. The work's intention is to highlight the role these industries played in the city's past, as well as the role the latter three continue to play today.

Melbourne Village began in 1835, and just four years later my maternal ggggrandparents arrived here to establish their family, and a cartage business.

Gilbert and Rhoda Alexander had recently wed in Worcester, before embarking on sailing ship Andromache as Bounty passengers for Australia. Bounty passengers had been sought for the new colony as their trades and skills were needed to build the new settlements. Gilbert's occupation was a blacksmith, and Rhoda was a house servant, both willing to work hard in their new environment.Gilbert was a native of Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland and Rhoda Weston's home had been in Dudley, Worcestor. England, and my interest in Genealogy has found the official records and story of their lives. Most of my interest has been the part they played in the settlement of a new city. Gilbert purchased properties and esstablished his Cartage business.

He worked hard carrying bluestone pitchers to pave the roads, and streets, and to build bridges and buildings around the new city. His second child Jane was my ggggrandmother born in 1842. They had two sons and four daughters so life was busy.

My maternal ancestors for six generations span the whole life of Melbourne City, from early immigration to the present day and I enjoy finding as it comes to hand rapidly, more and more information about records, photos, wills, documents, and linked Family Trees through Internet's network. Some records of this family will help to develop Melbourne's story on this Melbourne Pride page.

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