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June 2016-

"All things bright and beautiful" along with "All creatures great and small" are looking for warmth and cover. Summer in the North is arriving with floods as is Winter downunder. Huge ocean swells and severe storms have caused havoc in many countries and people face loss and devastation. I am thinking of them as this month's pages are being written.



In Melbourne we have been very fortunate to have had a very mild, if not warm start to Autumn, we were still wearing shorts and shirts up til early this week. We have had spectacular storms, awakening us from our slumber, so to watch the sky brighten up with lightning strikes. The rain that came with it was a relief to our thirsty grass and gardens. To breathe the fresh air after rain is awesome to our souls. Nature also takes a toll on doing damage to property, with trees falling, buildings damaged however people move forward.

---------------------- OCTOBER 2016

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    I spent two weeks in Brisbane early in October as Massage Therapist with the Victorian Womens Masters Team. The National Tournament brings State teams together to compete for the Championship Trophy. The National Committee granted awards as recognition of service over the years and I was thrilled to receive two awards for service. The first for service to the Australian teams since 2007, and the second for over ten years commitment to the Victorian State Team. I am delighted to be admitted as a member to the Green and Gold Club. Another family member, Ann Lennie also received her award for over twenty years of service to Masters' Hockey. We had a great time in Brisbane, feeling chuffed together.


    Friday, September 11th, 20215 was also a special day for our family when my mother received her OAM Medal from our first Lady Governor for Victoria, Her Excellency Linda Dessau. (OAM means Order of Australia Medal) This Investiture was held at Government House where a lovely day was shared with many other honoured citizens from this State. This story was about Music, Music Education and Community Service.


    This follows our delight with your first career major win at the PGA Championships at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, USA. Jason was able to finish with a tournament total of 20 under par, a first at any major tournament.

    It's summer time Downunder and heat has brought wide spread severe bushfires . The Conservatory at our Fitzroy Gardens always captures the spirit of our seasons and a short walk through is refreshing. Here is one corner of a lovely display.

    JANUARY NEWS 2016 Melbourne News - January. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE FROM BEEWISE THERAPIES. 2015 really did fly pass very quickly and we hope that all of you will have a happy and safe new year!

    Currently in Melbourne we are hosting the Australian Open Tennis. We have players from all over the world come and play for the big prize, and to boost their rankings in the tennis world. One of our Australian players, Lleyton Hewitt has bowed out after 18 or so years of playing the tennis circuit. Injuries took their toll on him and he went out in the second round. Sad to see him go, he was a great player. Lleyton will continue on as the Davis Cup Captain so he will not be lost to the tennis world. Another famous player, Rafael Nadal lost his first round match sadly. We'll look forward to seeing him back next year. There is another week of playing to do til we see who will become the men's champion and women's champions for 2016.



    Heartiest congratulations to every patient person involved with another triumph of research and knowledge of space, as our appreciation of beautiful night skies takes a leap ahead. Is there other life out there? We wonder. After 8 years of space travel the small, miraculous New Horizons spacecraft reaches planet PLUTO and its moon. The research team is 'over that moon' with ecstasy as they countdown its arrival and hear its first message. Pictures take 5 hours to travel back and they are amazing to see.

    More PLUTO news are here PLUTO NEWS

    Lifting our eyes to the heavens means inspiration, wonderment,knowledge thanks and respect for those who ask what "The Heavens are telling" at this very moment. Composer Franz Joseph Haydn's oratorio "THE CREATION" captured his wonderment from 'Representation of Chaos' to 'The Heavens are telling' in great music. 'The Spacious Firmament on High' with its visitors from earth is the new exploration of our age. You may enjoy hearing some Chorus sections celebrated through exuberant singing. Here are two popular choirs to hear if you choose - King's College Cambridge - and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    SEPTEMBER NEWS - HOME PAGE -----------------------------------------


    Australians are so proud of our successful Women's Matilda's Soccer Team who beat the Brazilian favourite team in Canada. It is all smiles when our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop and Minister for Health Hon. Sussan Ley celebrate with them. Hearty congratulations team and good luck for a successful future.

    Since taking up her Ministerial post Julie has dealt with many duties affecting Australians abroad.

    A missing Airliner, still unlocated, and an aircrash killing 39 Australians along with people from the Netherlands and US. Many conferences dealing with Human Rights, Refugees, Boat People and Asylum seekers, and radical, young Muslims from Australia involved with Terrorist events involving the worst kinds of savagery. Unceasing negotiation continued when Indonesia's Lawyers enacted the death sentence to two Australians convicted of drug possession ten years ago. Julie has maintained dignity and respect of our country through these heavy tasks. Her strict exercise regime helps her cope as she presents strong leadership qualities, international communication and wise, legal decision making. She says “The Government’s Sport for development programs in the Pacific are helping to fight diseases like diabetes and obesity, empower women and girls, and teach important life skills such as teamwork and respect.” Thank you for your work Minister.


    DAVIS CUP NEWS - Australia is cheering the win by our team - Veteran Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Groth - who fought back from 2 love down to beat Kazakhastan. They will now play Great Britain in the semi-final round. Congratulations and hopes for another win Lleyton and Sam.

    I have been watching the Men's Final Tennis at Wimbledon with two gentlemen in top form pitting their experience and ability against each other. During the rain break, short sequences from this year's contest were shown where many players have tumbled, skidded or fallen heavily on their backs or their ribs, bodies and limbs contorting wildly. I hope the grass surface was a softer landing than hard courts in other places. Andy Murray had a very painful episode. Quickly their therapists were out to help with massage, manipulation, support taping, completing all within a limited time frame. The players all resumed their game afterwards. Yes the work of therapists is a vital part of Sports Health, and is a reason I enjoy my work in the field.

    Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are the 2015 Wimbledon champion and runner up players. These great role models are held in warm regard. Congratulations to Novak and his gracious runner up who is "Happy to be second". Does it come any better in the world of sport? Women's Champion Serena Williams is also celebrating again her win at Wimbledon, I understand her fifth triumph, an amazing world class achievement Congratulations Serena. Downunder, fans can now go to bed earlier again and get some healthy sleep.

    HUMAN RIGHTS - a CELEBRATION - MAGNA CARTA What a major step for mankind was that in July, 1215 at Runnymede, Britain.

    Magna Carta, 1215, had its 800th Birthday celebration this month and many words are still being spoken by World Leaders, Lawyers and Scholars about the value of this ancient Human Rights document. Evaluation of its content and effect on our world have been interesting to read as praise and criticism is shared. The American Bill of Rights document reflects sections of document, and many countries have built its spirit within their own Constitutions. This amazing handwritten Latin Chart and its very few original copies are treasured and remembered at its first location Runnymede, with special ceremonies. Our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth 11, Royal Family members and British Politicans, World Leaders and countries around the world have celebrated, and a special exhibition at our Federal Capital in Canberra is now featuring. BBC News Articles are always a delight to read, if you would like to know more, try this link.

    Just how important is Magna Carta 800 years on? - BBC News

    On Monday 8th June, Queen's Birthday Holiday weekend, Australia celebrated the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth 11. This year it was a very special day for me too, as I am pleased to announce that my mother has been honoured in the Queen's Birthday Awards List. In September Mum is to receive an Order of Australia Medal for services to music, music education and the community. So proud of her.



    Melbourne Downunder will experience more disastrous bushfires in the future. Up to 15 severe fire danger days in a summer are forecast. Heavy loss of life for people and wildlife were experienced at Mt.Graham, Kinglake, not far from my home in 2009 leaving us shocked and more aware. We lost three 18 year old friends that day. The access road was blocked by burnt cars while the firestorm raged quickly, just like a nuclear blast. Ravines and valleys remain filled with dead, grey eucalypt treetrunks, which will not regenerate. It is a quiet, sad place now. Flora, fauna, coastlines, rivers and habitat are experiencing fires,floods, storms and excessive wind velocities far more often. What can we do now for survival, sustainability and management for all life on our planet?

    Here is just one wildlife example alerting to the need for lifestyle changes and preparation. This ancient continent Downunder is home to some unique species of wildlife which tourists travel far to see. Our Platypus - ornithorhincus -(Duckbill) is among them, and many want to see Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas, and our Lyrebirds whose call can imitate and project sounds, just like a ventriloquist.

    Photo: Sam the Koala is given a drink of water by Country Fire Authority volunteer fire fighter Dave Tree. (Reuters) Photo: The preserved body of Sam the koala, whose photo drinking water from a firefighter's bottle at Boolarra in Gippsland in the lead-up to Black Saturday became one of the most recognisable images from last year's devastating fires, sits on display at the Melbourne Museum,( January 14, 2010.(Simon Brown: ABC News)

    The image became an international phenomenon. Sales of the photograph raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for bushfire survivors.The female koala survived the fires but later died from the disease Chlamydia. Sam's body has been preserved, and will become part of a bushfire memorial display at the Melbourne Museum.

    The Museum's chief executive, Dr Patrick Greene, says Sam now has a special place in Victoria's history. "We've already placed in our forest gallery a chimney which was dismantled and brought to the museum from Kinglake as a constant memory of the terrible event last year," Dr Greene said. "The community support for that has been tremendous."

    In Australia, Downunder we share with New Zealand the beautiful emblem of the Southern Cross 'Pleiades' stars.

    Our National Anthem sings -

    "Beneath our Radiant Southern Cross we'll toil with heart and hands, To make our youthful continent renowned of all the lands"
    " so there is no lack of inspiration, yet the challenges here are huge. Health care, Education, Renewable Energy, Water Supply and Extreme weather conditions, Financial Expectations and Employment problems. We are tested to find answers quickly for increasing numbers of people. Talking together can help, but is only action that will make a difference. Preaching alters nothing. and there lies the problem. Awareness must lead to knowledge.

    Photo: NASA - Australia from Space.

    Our big continent is affected by climate forces of many kinds and with a small population of 23 million people we have a huge, costly responsibility for wise management. Water conservation is a major concern as many rivers flow to the sea, and there is much desert inland. California is experiencing a drought period of 4 years with dire consequences. How many people can this planet support?

    BIOLUMINESCENCE - NOW - Stop Press News: Nature's rare display is currently visiting Tasmanian Beaches and Derwent River, Australia's southernmost State. Hobart is the home port for our Antarctic Expedition Ships so it is well and truly Downunder. I share my excitement of these news with you. Many further images from the last three nights are published with their comments of delight to read. Reaction with the water produces wonderful sights and lights. As happy events are all too rare in today's news, please enjoy these with me now as the spectacle is already waning.


    Science Alert now advises that disastrous effects on fish and sea life can be expected as an aftermath of this display. See their Facebook page to read of this. There are many amazing photos to be seen and global interest is high. Fish Deaths will follow.