Music Therapy

Welcome to my MUSIC THERAPY PAGE. It's about ways in which Music communicates and heals. The power of musical memory through music and words, tattooed on young brains during happy singing and listening activities increases all learning ability, and lifetime memories are enriching.

Musical therapy is proof that music heard and learnt, can enrich later years of life. Music brings happy recall, mental peace,intelligent stimulation,social communication and healing to people of all ages.

Patients, with their families find new communication and hope. High on the list of successful treatments now are Autism and learning disability patients of all ages Rhythm is a great favourite with mobility rehabilitation and social drum groups also.

Music Heals- research and reports bring evidence. Music Therapists treat patients with mental and physical disabilities, from pre-birth babies to elderly patients .and amazing results are celebrated. Their research, methods and strategies are linked and discussed here. They are encouraged greatly when interest is shown in their work. So are the patients and their families.Specific musical aids, instruments, strategies and products are linked to this page.

Music Therapists have high educational qualifications and skills in Music, Psychology and Teaching. Minds and bodies benefit greatly from their Education, Activity and Mobility sessions, individually and in groups. To premature babies in incubators who cannot be touched, people with physical impairment or Learning Disabilities, and those with memory loss through injury or age, they bring communication and confidence. Their treatment and research into AUTISM is yielding amazing results, generously reported online. RHYTHM, an essential element of Music and Life, is used widely with Drum Groups. Musical, specially designed therapeutic instruments are proving valuable aids for treatment and enjoyment, exercise and co-ordination, while group interaction grows. Drum group sessions are enjoyed by many as social interaction and physical co-ordination aids. There are many choices and here are some of my favourites. Singalong at Christmas favourite is:Frozen

Virtual Sheet Music - Classical Sheet Music Downloads

Ongoing arrangements, top quality printed music, downloads, audio/video DVDs for training and tutoring keep arriving from this friendly source. Ever helpful with service and fast delivery at attractive prices, every type of musical activity is covered, and their full catalogue is available for download. I highly recommend Virtual Sheet Music as a source for educational and professional music.

ARKIV, Finest quality recorded music is offered at sale prices every weekend at the renowned ARKIV website. Visit their banner above for direct ordering and a walk through their music store. There are always Weekend Specials, and other brand offers. Remember their Weekend deals end at midnight ET on Sundays, but other specials have longer end dates.

Listening to music is popular with many people during surgical or injury recovery and rehabilitation. Singing and playing music at home or in groups is also a favourite activity. There are many styles suitable for group involvement, and a huge selection for choice of personal listening. Quality suppliers of special music are always pleased to advise and supply appropriate sheet music, instruments and requisites when requested. There is great value here

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Antoinette Morrison of Black Mountain Therapies regularly shares her strategies with visitors to her site, offering encouragement for AUTISM families Antoinette MorrisonWe congratulate Antoinette on her academic appointment so richly deserved.

YouTube also provides professional guidance to good health with posture - a basic for comfortable playing from experienced, trusted sources. Virtual Sheet Music are leaders in promoting video tutorials for music students and conductors. These lessons would be expensive at your teaching academies, and are well worth a visit. This sample video (3.45 minutes Violin Playing Posture for Violinists will lead you to many other Instrumental Tuition Videos.


Rhythm and Vibration are essential elements of Music and Life also. They are used widely within therapeutic Drum Groups for different disabilities. Specially designed therapeutic instruments are used widely for communication, discipline and enjoyment. Exercise and co-ordination within group interaction are loved. Antoinette Morrison of Back Mountain Therapies, Dallas, regularly shares her work and strategies with visitors to her site, offering encouragement for Autism families with monitored and researched results.Antoinette Morrison--- Antoinette's blogI hope you will enjoy Antoinette's message with me. I am a fan. You may find the store link below has interesting prices and some free deliveries if you are establishing a Drum or Rhythm group. I hope to see you there.


Modern Technology can be of great benefit to people who cannot write or read, blind people or those who cannot hold a pen. Strategies and information are presented very well here. Touching a Kindle is far easier than holding a book or turning pages.Reading Connections: Strategies for Teaching Students with Visual Impairments, , Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level, , NLD - Nonverbal Learning Disorder: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Helping a Child With a Nonverbal Learning Disorder ( Also Known As Nonverbal Learning Disability ), , Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities: New Best Practices for General and Special Educators, , (Un)Learning Disability: Recognizing and Changing Restrictive Views of Student Ability (Disability, Culture, and Equity Series),


The influence of Music as a sensory and therapeutic benefit is profound. It can calm or excite, unite people, communicate ideas and stimulate thought processes. It is shared widely by groups of like mind, and lifts the spirit uniquely for each individual. Generations meet, and millions are entertained through media sources of many types. Personal communication with music performance,by teaching, studying, playing or listening is a great privilege.

Here is one example from Downunder where an Australian instrument, the Didgeridoo, carved hollow from a tree branch, is in use. Many visitors to Australia select a Didgeridoo to take home as an aboriginal artefact. Here it is used for cultural communication and music/health/fitness therapy in a delightful way. It is not an easy skill to accomplish. I once heard it played sensitively with a massed children's choir and symphony orchestra performing Silent Night. It was magical!