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`Health, Wellness,Fitness, Contentment, Safety and Peace of Mind underlie all research for strategies and products discussed and displayed on this website. Its pages cover a wide range of therapies, treatments, healing and mobility products and aids for your benefit and purchase.

Care of Wildlife, and pets is a valued interest of mine. I love my work as a Volunteer Officer at our Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary where I enjoy the company of hundreds of overseas tourists visiting to see our unique Australian birds and animals. You can join them at the Pets and Care Page. Pets & Care page for latest news about this.

ABOUT ME - BLOG- My Journal page (/p>

is my story and my journey's progress report. It tells of my work and wider interests.

Life is not a rehearsal, so wise health choice is important.

Massage Therapy and other Healing Therapies, treatments, comparisons and relevance are discussedhere. Massage Plus and Therapies pages.

For discussion or Melbourne, Victoria scheduling of treatment appointments contact beewisetherapies@gmail.com

CAUTION - Please note. We have received advice that all health products and equipment must conform to Health and Safety prescriptions. Many favourites currently testing are showing that this is not the case. Always discuss with your Doctor that the products or exercise regimes and equipment that you propose to use are suitable for you. I am sad to report that evidence is mounting about false advertising with health categories and there have been some distressing outcomes from neglect. Always know your product and your own health condition before using off the shelf products. We must all take responsibility for our own actions in this regard.

Favorite remedies can make a difference as can Home exercise equipment and Remedial Massage ideas. Pets and Environments can benefit too. I hope you will find this a useful place and visit it often.

I am dedicated to sustainability, so Body Wise and Planet Wise products shown here are selected accordingly. Exercise for bodily and mental wellness is stimulating and rewarding. Many customer ratings and reviews can help you select well as their experienced appraisals tell their views. Direct links always help to save you time and money. Every page brings good news. Simple purchase processing and much free shipping are worthwhile.

General pain management, health products, therapeutic massage, exercise program DVDs,CDs and books for self help, Which of these can be the most effective remedy for you?

Apart from joining a gym which is nice for company, just look at the home based methods selling right now; stretch out a little with enjoyable music. Try the HOME FITNESS PROGRAM VIDEOS, HUNDREDS OF EXERCISE EQUIPMENT VIDEOS, CHEER UP WITH ENCOURAGING EXERCISE PROGRAM DVDs/CDs, and keep independent safe See our MOBILITY INDEPENDENCE PRODUCTS.

Sometimes I think that we don't deserve our planet Earth. Are we alone in the great space? There are so many products and practices to share for our PLANET SUSTAINABILITY with CLEAN AIR PRODUCTS, PLANNING AND DEALING WITH EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS, SAVING POWER WITH ECONOMICAL COOLING AND HEATING, HOW TO INSULATE WELL

How can we protect and educate ourselves for occupational wear and tear or injury and rehabilitation? BOOKS JOURNALS MAGAZINES AND ARTICLES about latest research and health news are reviewed.



I keep watch for latest benefits for our pets, animals and all creatures great and small wherever they may be. Helpful products await you, so look for free shipping among the following lines.

ANIMAL WELFARE INFORMATION, BIRD AND ANIMAL CARE PRODUCTS, PETS' CARE PRODUCTS, LOOKING FOR BEST REMEDIES AND METHODS FOR YOUR FRIENDS-DOG CAT RABBIT AND LIZARD, COMFORT AND TREATMENT PRODUCTS ARE HERE IN THEIR THOUSANDS. GIFT BOOKS AND COMPUTER PROGRAMS GIVE INSTANT REFERENCE AND ADVICE WHEN NEEDED. Order here for YOUR BOOK DEPOSITORY CHOICES where online prices and free delivery benefit everyone. Have you tried ebooks on your Ipad yet? - Print size as large as wish, lighting as you wish and many other benefits too, Ssssh! price is one of them. You can borrow from free libraries as well. Imagine that.

Wanting to learn more about Australia Downunder? All kinds of books, ebooks, audiobooks, pop-up books, picture books and Dvds are now selling at attractive prices. You can order them from this site, I hope you will.


I invite you to enjoy with me at Wise Therapies for you the holistic benefits of Therapies of many kinds. My interest includes the implementation of many branches of Therapy for wellbeing and a good life style.

I'm a Massage Therapist qualified in a variety of treatment modalities. My specialty is Remedial Massage Therapy. Relief from pain, relaxation from stress and freedom of movement enable an energetic, active lifestyle and this is my priority. In future sessions I will also feature Speech Therapy and methods of training for Deaf children which is another of my passions.

My work as a practising Remedial Massage Therapist is very fulfilling as I aim for good health and quality of life for all. My Therapies page brings news of Remedial Massage and other healing Therapies. I believe that Health, Diet, Activities, Massage, and Therapies, including my Massage treatments can make a difference for safe, enjoyable living.


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A lifetime involvement with Sport, Tennis, Netball and Hockey has convinced me that MASSAGE plays an important role in athletic health, whether related to surgery, preparation or routine fitness. Support for injured joints or is helpful between visits, such as this recommended Ankle support DONJOY Aircast A60 Ankle Support


Formerly, as a Scientist, my career was with the Victorian Government's Department of Sustainability and Environment. There I was involved with Fisheries and Wildlife research, with Field trips and Aquarium control, and those interests are still important to me. We were pleased when the Aquarium was updated.

Releasing healthy fish into monitored streams, or checking frog populations was interesting work. Sharing time with professional colleagues, researching and working together towards clean water, pollution recognition, species survival, wellness, healing, and sustainability is extremely valuable, as our ecosystem and natural resources need constant vigilance. My Planet Wise page has many considerations to address and my partner Colin with special research in Technology, Electronics, Meteorology, Radar, Antarctica and Communication will be contributing insights there

This tiny Mountain Pygmy Possum is a local favourite as we work for his survival. Bees must survive too, as many areas have lost their Bee populations. What can we do about this?

I am also active in organisations caring for Animals' and Pets' Health, as their welfare is also a passion. See my Pets & Care page for latest news about this.

WATER DRINKING SYSTEMS FOR PETS CARE ARE IMPORTANT. Check these special online prices to keep your friends hydrated and happy.

Care for your pets includes specialised products for their health. Quality products for daily necessities are linked here through Native Ads. A visit is well worthwhile.


My Therapies page links directly to information about Therapy Choices, Health Products, Treatment Styles and Aids, Modalities, Equipment for mobility and exercise routines and Clinic Equipment. Best prices for quality products, available only for online ordering are researched for you.

Many countries have developed their own massage styles, Denmark, Sweden, China, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand are among them. Pilates, Bowen, Alexander and Yoga Techniques are also famous, and these all contribute to the Remedial Massage Therapists' techniques for treatment.


This is one modality of my work where I feel greatly appreciated by teams of players. I treat friendly Hockey teams of Veteran Ladies to bring healing, relief and fast return to the playing field during Australian and overseas International Championships. Some players ask for pre-match preparation and knee massage, as Hockey places high demands on knees and other joints. It's always a good idea to wear two pairs of socks for added support, and inner cleanliness of shoes. Have you tried this?

My Therapies page features these with many useful ideas and helpful health products. Wise Therapy choices for individual needs require research and I hope you will find these pages helpful. Keeping busy with brain and body activity, exercise and therapy is vital.


All therapies are gifts to health and wellness. From prenatal years to longevity Music Therapists are working miracles in the lives of people with mental and physical problems such as Autism and Immobility. Their work is discussed on this page.Music Therapy. I invite you to join me by supporting their efforts and spreading their news.

Music Therapists have high educational qualifications and skills in Music, Psychology and Teaching. Minds and bodies benefit greatly from their Education, Activity and Mobility sessions, individually and in groups. To premature babies in incubators who cannot be touched, people with physical impairment or Learning Disabilities, and those with memory loss through injury or age, they bring communication and confidence. Their treatment and research into AUTISM is yielding amazing results generously shared online. RHYTHM, an essential element of Music and Life, is used widely with Drum Groups. Musical, specially designed therapeutic instruments are proving valuable aids for treatment and enjoyment, exercise and co-ordination, while group interaction grows. Drum group sessions are enjoyed by many as social interaction and physical co-ordination aids. There are many choices and here are some of my favourites. Singalong at Christmas favourite is:Frozen

Antoinette Morrison of Black Mountain Therapies regularly shares her strategies with visitors to her site, offering encouragement for AUTISM families Antoinette MorrisonWe congratulate Antoinette on her new academic appointment which is richly deserved.

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> YouTube also provides professional guidance for good health with posture - a basic for comfortable playing from experienced, trusted sources. These lessons would be expensive at your teaching academies, and are well worth a visit. This sample video (3.45 minutes Violin Playing Posture for Violinists will lead you to many other Instrumental Tuition Videos..


Every part of your body needs care when long hours are spent in repetitive tasks. Spine, Hands and wrists suffer from overuse, and there are some excellent products shown which may help circulation and joints to balance their workload. Care must be taken with timing of activity and relief.

Consider carefully the value of posture aids to help your comfort and freedom from pain at work.


Early intervention and skills development for children with specific learning difficulties are vital for physical and mental growth and self esteem, and Occupational Therapists are experts in this field. There are many products available for home practice and training sessions and sale prices exist. I research these for you.

Also, many health problems arise when your body is susceptible to damage from long hours of physical, visual or mental concentration, seated or standing in one position. Importantly, Eye level computer monitors, correct height for keyboards, desks and seating, book rests and music stands, (especially when shared) along with balanced, comfortable seating are paramount. Adjustable Aids and equipment products are a feature of my research. Online only prices can help you. It is false economy to purchase fixed height products which may be cheaper.

Healthy posture, best seating and lighting can eliminate problems such as swollen joints, muscular spasm, eye strain, and headaches.

Banners and Product links on this site lead you to direct ordering and fast delivery of products available only online. Check for shipping options as well. Many Health and Fitness items can be found quickly through text links and widgets. The Widget below is fast linking and a fine starting point.

Mobile Device searchers may need to access this slideshow of Massage products through Laptop or home computers. I am working to change this problem as quickly as possible.



The Mobility ideas page brings news of mobility devices and points to consider wisely when purchasing, driving or using equipment when disabled, permanently or when healing. It has warmed up here downunder, but any wet weather presents difficulties. Here is a Police Notice about wet weather protection. 'MOBILITY DEVICE DRIVERS. Victoria Police WET WEATHER WARNING this week. Alarmed by the number of accidents occurring this warning is showing on the MOBILITY IDEAS PAGE now. Disproportionate numbers of accidents for this category of Drivers in wet conditions is occurring, so please take care - always.'

Contact your State Government to ensure Laws for Motor Scooters use and registration are being followed. Many advise that motor scooters should not be used in wet weather. Covered models are very expensive.

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We are now into October, and we are still experiencing great rainfalls across the state,this has really boosted our dams, enabling us to have full dams for summer. The skiing season has closed now the kids have gone back for their last term for the year. Currently I am down in Hobart for the Victorian Women's Hockey Masters team, and have now reached the 7th day of a ten day tournament, with most teams at least making the semis against the other states of Australia. It is always a joyous times to catch up with girls, both statewide and also those who play in the Australian Masters teams who I also work with. The exciting part is, I received yet another reward, State Services Award, through the Hockey Australia, for outstanding services to Victoria. A proud moment!

We are now into September, and so have just experienced some heavy rainfalls across the state,this has really boosted our dams, enabling us to have full dams for summer. Good snow falls have given good cover for great skiing, the skiers have been happy, which I used to, many years ago! Too cold for me now. The days are now warming up bit by bit now, making it enjoyable to be out in the garden connecting with the earth.

Australia has had a few wins in the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Currently the team has won 51 medals, being 10 gold, 21 silver and 20 bronze , in Swimming, Athletes. Some late nights is catching up with a few of us! Watching our athletes compete with pride for Australia is a proud moment for us viewers on the TV.

Australia has had a few wins in the Rio 2016 Olympics, namely in the Swimming, Sailing, Rowing, Shooting, Rugby Sevens and the Modern Pentathlon. Quite a few late nights is catching up with a few of us! Watching our athletes compete with pride for Australia is a proud moment for us viewers on the TV.

Australia has just finished being able to watch the tennis at Wimbledon. Even if it did mean some late nights and little sleep. It is always an exciting time to watch the players get out there and achieve their best against the other players. Unfortunately none of our Australian players made it to the grand final, however we all love to cheer on whoever plays off. Congratulations to Serena Williams and Andy Murray on winning Wimbledon 2016.

Michelle Payne, Melbourne Cup Winner Injured

LATEST UPDATE re Michelle. Michelle has been able to go back into riding racehorses again, sadly though she will not be riding last year's winning horse for the Melbourne Cup this year. At least Michelle is able to ride again, that's the main thing.

UPDATE: In late May, our 2015 Melbourne Cup Jockey winner, was seriously injured after a fall off a horse in a race in Mildura. Michelle required emergency surgery for abdomen injuries and she is now slowly recovering. Time will tell if Michelle will go back to racing.Good luck Michelle.

In the Hockey tournament I was involved in recently, The Australia Womens Masters team came away with 3 Gold medals and 2 Bronze medals. Playing in the finals is always an exciting time for the girls, and to watch them play and to be proud of representing Australia is such a great feeling. A lot of the women have played for so many years, having started from the 35s age group and we now have 60s age group playing these days. Watch the exciting video below,with the 45s team and the goal that won them GOLD against New Zealand, the most nerve-racking moment when it means winning or losing the most vital goal!

Many Arthritis sufferers complain of painful flare-ups and muscles may need help for flexibility, especially after long air flights, so whether your daylight hours are becoming longer or shorter, health protection is important. My Therapies and Planet Wise pages are regularly updated, and they bring good news, Our pets, animals and birds need our care as well, Visit my Pets & Care page for products and helpful strategies. A new Water Filtration System astore Customlink has been added on the Planet Wise page Sidebar also.

WISE THERAPIES aSTORE is also running in the Planet Wise page bringing fast access and direct ordering for your shopping cart. Slide to the bottom of the page to take advantage of this new shopping link.

Find me at beewisetherapies@gmail.com

REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY EDUCATION - Spreading the knowledge - Books,DVD/Cd's, Videos, Gifts to share. A slideshow of ideas.

Remedial Massage, Light on Yoga, The Pilates Body, The Gift of Therapy, Community Music Therapy, Trauma Informed Interventions, Music and People with Developmental Disabilities, Remedial Massage for Horses, The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Workshop, Occupational Therapy – What it is How it works, The Balanced Body 3rd Edition, Yoga Anatomy, Therapy Games for Esteem Teamplay Communication Skills Management Self Discovery Coping Skills, Eight Concepts of Bowen Therapy, Pilates for Beginners, The Pilates Body, Occupational Therapy - Physical Dysfunction, Music Therapy Handbook

This International Express report concerned me greatly. 1 April, 2015, p16. "Extinction fear for Europe's bees. Almost 1 in 10 of Europe's bee species is facing extinction, conservation experts have warned. The first assessment of the continent's 1,965 species also found that a quarter of bumblebees were at risk. Experts said bees were being hit by intensive agriculture, climate change, pesticides, increasing urban development and wildfires. However more data and funding are needed to assess the full impact, said the International Union for Conservation of Nature."


Daily reports encourage the growth of bee friendly plants and flowers. These sleepy little bee friends are enjoying a pleasant flower nap. Farmers are growing plants to attract less commercial species for future needs. Bee Swarms reported in London are in evidence as calls for bee friendly gardens have been heeded. Wise Education through these reports is welcome. There is much to learn and encourage. Here are some very useful DVDs and Books for starting points


Flight of the Honey Bee, Plants for Bees, Top-Ba An Up Close Look, Vanishing of the Bees, Garden Plants for Honey Bees-, The Life Cycle of the Honey Bee The Beekeeper, My Hive Tool, Natural Beekeeping-


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